Company Timeline

1859 Thomas Turner Founded Turner in Wolverhampton England  

-Founded in Wolverhampton, UK in 1859, Thomas Turner’s engineering business began in the West Midlands the centre of the Industrial Revolution. As a general engineering business manufacturing machine tools the company supported the development of specialist engineering in the region.

1900 Turner Motor Manufacturing Automobiles, Diesel Engines, Aircraft Landing Gear

-At the forefront of engineering development, Turner began to pioneer in the automotive and aircraft industries. The company’s first vehicle was a steam powered 4 seat automobile which launched in 1902. Further innovation to a petrol power plant were made and at the 1906 London Olympia Motor Show the 4 Litre Seymour Turner Car was exhibited. Further models were added throughout the period but Car production ceased when the company was taken over for military work manufacturing aircraft landing gear.


Turner Steam Car
Turner Steam Car

1950 Farm Tractors, Marine Engines, 2 Stroke Diesel Engines

-Turner entered the agricultural market with the Yeoman of England tractor launched in 1949. After post war austerity a revolution in agricultural production in the UK meant that the countries food production was increasingly mechanised.

1960 Turner Truck Transmissions

-Turner returned to the automotive industry with commercial vehicle transmissions. In 1978 the company was producing 48 transmissions per hour across two sites. This coincided with a peak in the manufacture of commercial vehicle production.

Yeoman's of England Tractor
Yeoman's of England Tractor

1985 Turner launch the Compact manual gear shift transmission

-The launch of the Compact Powershuttle a specialist Off–Highway manual gear shift transmission moved the business into a new market niche with transmission designed for construction and agricultural machinery for backhoe loader and material handling vehicles. Still in production today, the Compact Plus transmission has four forward and four reverse gears. Initially launched to support backhoe loader production the transmission is developed for use in Telescopic Handlers, Rough Terrain Forklifts and Site Dumpers.

1995 Turner Launch the PG115 Powershift Automatic gear shift transmission

-The PG115 is a semi or automatic Powershift transmission with six forward and three reverse gears initially designed for the construction and agricultural machinery industries the transmission has further developed for use in rail, mining and airport vehicles. The transmission is features an electronic control system tuned to provide optimum gear shifts to match speed and conditions.

1996 Turner Powertrain Systems Acquired by Caterpillar Inc.

-Turner Powertrain Systems became a wholly owned subsidiary of Caterpillar Inc. in 1996 producing Compact manual and PG115 Powershift transmissions for Caterpillar’s backhoe loader product range.

2002 Turner Develop the THB transmission

-The THB transmission was specifically design for Caterpillar telescopic material handler range.

2003 Turner Powertrain Systems Limited Develop the Counter Shaft Transmission

-In 2003, Turner began producing a new counter shaft transmission for Caterpillar specifically designed for the Caterpillar 924H, 928H and 930H Small Wheel Loader Range.

Inside a Compact Plus Manual Transmission showing Helical Gears & Selector Forks
Helical Gears, Shift Forks and Taper Roller Bearings inside a Compact Plus Transmission

2010 Open Indian Plant at Hosur

-In 2010, Caterpillar opened a new facility in Hosur, India to support both Caterpillar and Original Equipment Manufacturing in the Building and Construction machine production industry. The four gear manual Compact transmissions produced were two wheel variants for domestic consumption in this important market.

2012 Launch of the PG145 Powershift

-Turner Powertrain System design and developed a new Telescopic Material Handler transmission for Caterpillar and O.E.M. machines. This Automatic,  Powershift transmission replaces the THB design from 2002 and features an off-set drive to allow the transmission to be moved into a side pod location outside of the drive line of the axles. This allows the machine boom to sit lower in the machine. The transmission is smaller and more efficient than the THB transmission it replaced.

Inside a PG145 Powershift Transmission showing Helical gear and clutch drums
Helical Gears, Taper Roller Bearings, and Clutch Drums inside a PG145 Powershift Transmission

 2012 Launch of the two Motor Hydrostatic transmission

-The Two Motor Hydrostatic Transmission was developed and launched for Caterpillar’s 930K & 938K Series Small Wheel Loader Range. The transmission features a clutch engagement system which engages and disengages two on demand hydraulic motors. This improve efficiency by declutching the motor that is not required for drive.

2013 Launch of the C90 manual gear-shift transmission

-The C90 is an off –highway manual gear shift Power-shuttle transmission for machines of less than 59kW/80hp engine power. The C90 is a two wheel drive transmission designed for the large and rapidly growing Indian backhoe loader market. Produced in the company’s Hosur, India facility with production for Original Equipment Manufacturers and Caterpillar’s own Building and Construction Product Backhoe Loader production facility in India.

2014 Launch of the C115

-The C115 is an off-highway manual gear shift Powershuttle transmissions for back hoe loader machines of up to 86kW /115hp engine power. The transmission has both two and four wheel drive design variants. It was developed for the Caterpillar Backhoe loaders produced in the UK and Brazil which support the world market.

Back-Hoe Loader driven by C115 Transmission
C115 Transmission Driving a Back-Hoe Loader