Choosing Your Transmission

Choosing the right transmission for your needs starts with some basic information. 

  • What is the weight of the machine?
  • What is the power of the engine you plan to use?
  • What axle types and ratios do you plan to use?
  • What is the application and duty cycle?
  • What type of transmission do you want to offer?

With this basic information Turner Powertrain engineers are able to match our transmissions to your machine requirements and taylor them to your needs.

How we do this?

We have a 4 stage process to:-

Stage 1 Evaluate your requirement

Our engineers complete an initial analysis of your requirement. If appropriate we will match your requirement against our current production transmissions.  We will select and recommend a transmission type and provide a budgetary quote for your consideration.

Stage 2 In-Depth Analysis

Our engineers will work with your machine engineers to develop the transmission further, to tune the transmission for the application. We will discuss and draw up a validation plan, Issue drawings and models for space claim analysis. Based on this work we will provide a final quote for your consideration.

Stage 3 Testing

Our engineers will assist in advising on installation, testing, conducting a validation assessment and transmission tear down to allow application warranty approval.  Working with your machine engineers we will undertake machine application approval and finalise the transmission design for serial production.

Stage 4 Production Release

In this stage we will prepare the transmission for final serial production release to the production facility and begin production ramp up.  We will work with you on the provision of spare  parts prior to launching production machines to support your sales.


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