Turner Powertrain’s new C115 power-shuttle manual gear selection transmission has been specifically designed for back–hoe loader applications. The transmission has been selected for the new Caterpillar Building and Construction Product Division back-hoe loader product range. The transmission is designed for a maximum input torque of 734Nm and is capable of supporting engines with a power rating of up to 86kW or 115 horse power.

The transmission is available in both two and four wheel drive formats and a choice of four wheel drive variants for equal size and unequal size tyre machines. It is designed to minimise energy loss which means greater efficiency by reducing friction losses in the transmission. In comparison with the Turner Compact transmission the friction losses within the C115 have been reduced by 25 to 30%. This means greater fuel efficiency and lower operating cost leading to a lower cost of ownership of the entire machine.  These saving have been achieved by optimising all the components of the transmission to reduce the overall size and decrease material weight, whilst retaining product reliability equivalence to the market leading Turner Compact transmission. 

The transmission features four forward and four reverse gears selected manually with shuttling between forward and reverse achieve hydraulically so that directional changes can be made easily without braking. The gears within the transmission are of a helical design to reduce noise and extend their working life. Helical gears are elongated across the gear length which gives a greater contact surface. In addition, helical gears can be cut closer together so that up to three gears are engaging at any one time. These features minimises point stresses on the individual tooth and as a result extends the life of the gear and the transmission.